Wednesday, April 23, 2008

SihanoukVille Deals

Khmer New Years is finally over, and the town (but not the beach) has quieted somewhat.

After every room in town being filled for a week, now occupancy is at around 50 percent.

Which means it's a great time to get a good deal in SihanoukVille.

Victory Hill at night has been a popular destination. Victory Beach is one of the nicest beaches in town now.

Utopia and Monkey Republic are still filled filled every night, as are a few beach bars.

Otres beach is still the quietest, and nicest beach in town, but this won't last forever. You can still get free accommodations on the beach, but Utopia is charging $2 for a dorm room now. Still a good deal. Especially if you like pizza and spaghetti buffets (veggie of course) and 40 cent draft beer.

Occasional booze cruises and island parties have been sold out every time, and we seem to be lucky to have a full moon here about once a month. Most of the island boat trips have gone up in price, but you can still get a round trip for $6 to some of the nearer islands. $15 gets you breakfast and lunch, pickup at your guesthouse (and return), an island or three, and snorkeling for the day.

Motorcycles (100cc) are rented again everywhere for $5 a day, and bigger bikes are available for bigger bucks.

Looking for some info on Chez Burt in Ream National Park, if anyone knows. Looks very nice.

The airport should be open by the end of the year for flights from Thailand, but it's still cheap and easy to get here from either Vietnam or Thailand. All the bridges from Koh Kong to SihanoukVille have been completed, and this has cut down the travel time and cost from Thailand (Trat) to SihanoukVille (and back) considerably.

have any info? send us some comments!