Friday, September 11, 2009

Backpacking in SihanoukVille, Cambodia. Rainy Season 2009

Backpacking this year in SihanoukVille, Cambodia has be a blast for thousands of tourists during the rainy season.

July was one of the busiest months ever here in SihanoukVille, while August was very quiet.

Many tourists ended up in beach shacks, eating and drinking and watching the rain, gambling at the casinos, watching movies (and playing games) on the big screen, and touring around in the rain.

The traditional hotspots, Monkey Republic to Utopia on Beach Road on Serendipity Beach, and Victory Hill have had a lot of new businesses open in the last few months, with many more on the way.

There's even talk that Utopia will finish their swimming pool before 2010 to welcome Mark back.

This Winter, tourist numbers should be up about 15% over last year, according to statistics on the SihanoukVille website. That's not the greatest for here, but we'll take it.