Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Backpacking in SihanoukVille, Cambodia 2011.

SihanoukVille's Backpacking scene continues to grow and expand in 2011.

 Utopia has opened up the Box nightclub, next to the new swimming pool.  The Box opens up at 10PM and rocks all night.

A companion to The Monkey Republic,  The Big Easy opened up across from Utopia on Serendipity Beach.

Victory Hill is still booming, and Sakal Bungalows also has a swimming pool, 50 cent beer (but it's gone up to 62 cents), and a 24 hour bar.

There's lots of opportunities for handing out flyers to pay for your food and beer around town.  At Utopia, you even get a free room (or a least a free dorm bed).

Nice rooms for $5 with a private bathroom are all over town.  You can even get a room for a month for $50 at several places.

You can rent a motorcycle for $5 a day to get around ($60/month), use a motodup (motorcycle taxi) for as little as 25 cents, or just walk.